Wednesday 19 October 2022

Agincourt Refight

   One of the projects that was hit hard by covid was my 100 years war project. The Agincourt game had already been rushed to make sure it hit the table*, which is lucky as it turned out to be the last I managed to play before we were hit with the first of many lockdowns. I did finish the game with loads of ideas, for a start I didn't have anywhere near enough French Mounted Knights** but a couple of months of painting it meant that I needed a break from the project and with how the rest of the year panned out, I never went back to it in any real meaningful sense. Until now.

*rushed because of a deadline not because I knew what was coming
**which was something I knew going into the game
   So for a refight of Agincourt my hit list of what I need to add goes like this; 
  • More mounted French knights, top of the list, no questions asked - minimum of 2 more units but ideally another 4+, but ultimately we will see what I can paint in time
  • Henry V and some serious banners for him
  • If I go as high as 4 more units of knights then I might need more English archers (but might just use some WotR archers from my Lancaster collection although I am still undecided whether to boost the archer numbers)
  • Finish the last few infantry I had bought for the project (think it's only about another 20 men?)
  • Lastly, if I'm giving the English a big block of banners and important men, then I should do the same for the French
  • Ploughed Fields - already started
So, that's the plan but what have I done about it?

Henry V and his banners;
  • Sir John Codrington carrying Henry's personal banner
  • Sir Thomas Strickland carrying the Cross of St George
  • The banner of St Edward

   I have to say on these that the banners (and I wish I could remember where I bought them from so I could block their webstore in my browser to stop me doing anything stupid in the future) were horrible. The art is gorgeous on them but they are decal banners*** and had aged really badly. I've fixed them as best I can but they do not stand up to close scrutiny.
***always a bad sign

   Slightly cheating, I did also finish two more units of French infantry that I drafted a post about but then never posted, so here they are below;

Thanks for reading

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