Tuesday 28 May 2024

A Light Exploratory Vehicle

   One of the models I had on my wish list for if I ever decided to expand my Genestealer Cult army was an Achilles Ridgerunner, there was just something about this vehicle that makes me happy. So when our final Fratribusia game date fell through with 2 players dropping out, it was decided to turn it into a normal game - which made me wonder if I could get my force to the points needed.
   I was already working on a squad of Neophytes to round the infantry out and while I had/have other plans for the army, this was the perfect moment to add a Ridgerunner. 

   I built it with 2 options - main gun is magnetised - so it can either have the armaments I would choose (heavy mining laser and spotter*) or the option that the new combat patrol includes which is survey auger and missile launcher.
*somehow I managed to drop and lose the spotter on the way to take a photo of the model and have yet to find him**
**ironically, I could do with a spotter

   I painted a big 2 on the front as I thought it balanced nicely with the fact the store voucher I got for coming second using Genestealer Cults in a tournament went towards this model. Otherwise it's in the same horrible corporate cheap green and dirty metal that my other vehicles are in.

Predictably, it died turn 1 in it's first game

   I suppose now I'm getting prepared for the new combat patrol box, do I go ahead and pick it up to keep this project as useful as it can be? This army was only ever supposed to be a small project to make Fratribusia more interesting, but I've really enjoyed using them far more than expected.

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