Tuesday 21 May 2024

Combat Patrol Tournament

   At the weekend I went to a 40k Combat Patrol tournament at Wayland Games. Like the 30k tournaments I used to do, I treated it as a paid day to guarantee a certain amount of games against new opponents rather than a win at all costs competitive thing, plus being combat patrol I was hoping to avoid the net 40k lists that don't look like fun to play. 

   The first game was against my regular opponent and his Sisters of Battle. This game played out like our normal games, mostly as we know how each other play, but much as it was annoying to play your regular opponent it did give us a chance to ease into the day.

   It goes without saying that he smashed me. I'm partly blaming the dice as I failed stuff I really shouldn't have - but ultimately I was out played.

   The next game was against the T'au - using the old combat patrol. This game was a weird one, my opponent forgot about the objective in his deployment zone for 2 whole turns before realising he didn't have time to go back to it later in the game. Then the army just didn't have the output you'd expect, so I just kept surviving beyond what I expected.

I ended the game sitting on every objective - which surprised everyone - with a large points difference.

   The last game was against Space Marines and a player who HAD A PLAN. He went over my combat patrol rules, decided my army was weak and told me how short the game would be.
   2 turns later I controlled every objective comfortably and I had blocked him getting to any. It took him another 2 turns to get any objectives by which point my points lead was fairly substantial and I still had answers to his gambits.

   The game ended with him having a single model left - the terminator librarian - and me having odds and sods spread across the board in key places. 
   This was the game I learned the most about how this army is really supposed to work and where I played my best which has given me ideas.

   I ended up finishing the tournament in second place - my best ranking for a proper tournament ever. Just gutted there was no certificate or anything for my wall.

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