Friday 24 May 2024

Even More Cult Troops

   After the tournament at the weekend I was actually in the mood to do some painting which hasn't happened for a good month or so now. I had picked up a box of Genestealer Cult Neophytes for a different project as I had an idea I wanted to try out, but now they have come back to the home they should have been bought for as the 3rd troops squad.
   I built these guys in a pretty standard way, but I raided old sprues for weapons that the combat patrol I built my other squads for hadn't used. So this squad has two mining lasers and has bulked up the special weapons for my other squads - mostly flamers and grenade launchers. I also cut the hand off the leaders weapon, sticking it on slightly twisted for a bit of variety, but something not even I will notice in the future.

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