Thursday 2 May 2024

Lure Of The Chaos Gods - Combat Patrol

   While the details of this year's 40k campaign, once the Fratribusia cuffuffle has been sorted, aren't important for this post, the nature of it is. The aim is to have it set on a chaos held planet, with the Tyranid players going to the dark Gods and the Imperial players sticking with their current collections.
   Combat Patrol has been decided as the form the first few games - and how maybe the bulk of the campaign will be played - and this left me with a choice as I don't have a legal chaos combat patrol, despite having a decent sized chaos army. I plan to pick up the chaos marine combat patrol at some point, but I sort of want to see if it stays the same when their codex comes out in a couple of months.
   So I was looking at my traitor guard and realised I was actually fairly close, plus I'd love to see the regular humans feature more in themed campaigns. My current collection was a tad light on the special weapons needed as it was built at a time when cheap under equipped squads was my go to way of building them and I needed the two newer kits from the guard combat patrol - Field Ordinance Batteries and Sentinel.

   I'm still working on the sentinel but I have got the following done;

A mix of guard models including a new commander (who needs a suitable power weapon stuck to his hip), a grenade launcher, plasma gun, flamer and a few guys for the command squad.

Then I moved onto the Field Ordinance and while I have a few things I want to say about this kit, the big take away is that I want more of them and any future ones will be magnetised if I can work out how to do it as the two guns you take in the combat patrol list aren't what I would pick if I was building a pair for a list.

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