Tuesday 2 May 2017

By hook or by crook

   As part of a 40k project I attempted half a dozen or so years ago, I bought myself a mad old cat lady* from Reaper Miniatures, the plan stumbled pretty early on and didn't really go anywhere, which left me with a figure I didn't know what to do with. Since then, she has alternated between my lead pile, bits box or sitting on my 'to do' shelf and she seemed perfect to become part of my project tidy up.
* I'm not even going to 
try and explain why, here.

   I see this mad old woman as the feisty member of my band of zombie survivors, back in her days zombies wouldn't be allowed to roam the streets willy-nilly and all that, and by jove, if she has to take her walking stick out there and show them some respect she will.

Thanks for reading


  1. Excellent! I love these "character" pieces

    1. Thanks. Sometimes you just look at a model and know their whole story.

  2. Wonderful Mike and there is always space in the collection for such a great character piece.