Monday, 19 June 2017

Rounding off the the corners

   This is going to be the last Imperial Navy Battlefleet Gothic post for quite some time as I have a hankering to get on with some other projects. I spent an evening last week sitting in front of the tv staring at my painting tray with a complete lack of inspiration while I decided what to paint next, until the obvious answer dawned on me, finish the one you are currently blogging about and be Mike's Focused Coherent Wargames Blog for at least a few posts. So I went through my lead mountain and pulled out all the remaining ships for my Imperial BFG fleets, no matter how much work they needed.

First up is my second Emperor class battleship. I picked this up really cheaply on eBay as she was in one hell of a state and I had been joking a lot, recently, about having a squadron of battleships. I doubt she will see the table all that much, but I like the threat just having her can give me when I play. I named her Universa in homage to Battlestar Galactica as she relies on her squadrons as much as her main guns.

As part of my plan to make my fleet as punchy as I could make it, I decided I had to bulk up my escorts to better sized squadrons. My cobras were all painted in one go, but finding a pair of Firestorms for a sensible price meant they were picked up after the rest of the squadron had already been painted, but better late than never.

Sword class escorts are pretty much the most over looked escorts in the Imperial fleet, and for good reason, but I knew I had to have a squadron for sheer flexibility if nothing else.

If my painting desk at the sec is anything to go by, Mike's Focused Coherent Wargames Blog should carry on for the foreseeable future, but with the welcome return of another project I just can't seem to finish.
Thanks for reading