Friday, 4 August 2017

VBCW Albertine Flags

   This is a bit of a supplemental post and it's not really about anything I have done, it is more of a public word of thanks to PanzerKaput and the time he is willing to put into helping out the VBCW community.
   I rather cheekily got in contact with him on Facebook after seeing that he had not only done all the drawings and flags in the VBCW sourcebooks (which I knew he had done) but that he was also doing specially designed flags for individual warbands/causes on request. I got in contact more than expecting a fee or some kind of request to credit him if I used them but instead I got an apology that it might not be quick (it took a week and a half!) and then an apology afterwards that they had taken longer than planned, all without a fee.
   I gave him an image of the flag I had designed when I first created this blog (my second post) and explained what I was trying to achieve with it and a week and a bit later got the below results;

This is the first one I have decided to use, but I have one more bannerbearer that needs painting and I am sure the last will get used in the fullness of time!

Again, I can only thank PanzerKaput and direct anyone that hasn't seen his amazing work to his blog at;

Thanks for reading