Friday, 15 September 2017

Came the first three ships from the land of the robbers

   I have been planning a new Viking force for the last couple of years, buying the odd model when ever I saw one I liked, but not daring to start it as this is a project that I want to be able to give the time it deserves. However, travelling around Oslo after seeing the Viking ship museum reminded me of something I read on a blog, somewhere, about batch painting non-uniformed models in groups of the same colour as though they are in a uniform, as long as you vary which units the models come from you shouldn't be able to tell.
   After going through my reference books*, I started to book mark each page with a full length picture and picking 5 or 6 models from my backlog I started painting each batch to match a picture. Three batches in and I have a decent amount of figures ready to go, blue, cream and green seem to have been my go to colours so far, so my next couple of batches will be from very different looking images to keep the variety going, because, unlike what the tv wants us to think, Vikings wore some seriously bright colours.

*And spending money in Osprey's sale on more

Hurscarls - a mix of Shield Wall and Crusader Miniatures

Archers - all Crusader Miniatures

Bondi - all from Gripping Beast, Shield Wall or Bad Squiddo at this point

Thanks for reading