Friday, 22 September 2017

These were the first ships of the Danish men that sought the land of the English nation.

   Keeping to the same project and using another quote from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles as my title (the next sentence from last time), this time I present the next two batches of Vikings for the same army, namely, a red batch and a yellow batch for want of a better way to describe them.* Again, I have mixed up models from different units to stop any single troop type looking like there might be a uniform in play and the photos are more proof of my love of the 2 foot rule of painting.

*The last few batches were blue, 
cream and green heavy.

 The Bondi are all from Gripping Beast or Bad Squiddo Games - shieldmaidens were too cool not to include even if the historical truth to them is very much in debate at the moment.

 The Hurscarls are from Gripping Beast or Crusader Miniatures (although it has to be said the GB models are far superior to the Crusader in this case).

Lastly, more archers, again from Crusader Miniatures.

Thanks for reading.