Friday, 1 September 2017

Back from the [Frost]grave

   Over the last couple of months I have been sorting out my man-cave to create a home office and this has lead to a few changes in the way I treat my hobby, but the important ones for this post are the figures I have uncovered* and the rulesets I have decided to either drop** or start playing again.
   One of the projects that has been brought back to life is Frostgrave. I last played this in 2015 when I got 3 mates together and ran a mini day campaign using my own figures, but for some reason we never did it again and so, with no deadline looming, no more figures were painted even though I had to strictly enforce what soldiers the players could buy as I didn't have enough figures to allow multiples of pretty much anything.

*My lead pile isn't bad enough that these figures are a shock, more
that they have been pushed up the queue by having been found.
**I now have more non-GW rules and supplements than I 
own of GW's, for the first time in my gaming life, after
clearing off two shelves of old rulebooks and codexes.

   So focusing on the base rulebook (my Gnolls and Cultists are an issue for another day) I went through my lead pile and picked out anything interesting looking figures. First up were two knights, from Crusader Miniatures who were a by product of another project, and a templar who is either a nickstarter exclusive model or a Wargames Illustrated show model, I forget which.
   I went for 2 different tactics with my painting, the knights I decided to go early medieval with basic heraldry, while I went to town with transfers on the templar. For me this is the biggest joy of a warband style game like this, you can just pick up a figure and paint it how you want as long as you keep the basing standardised.

   Last up are a bunch of the North Star plastics. I literally just went through my last couple of sprues and built figures to fill in gaps, so I bulked up my men at arms so every player can now have at least one and added more crossbows although I still have more to paint up.

Thanks for reading


  1. Great idea with the streamlining Mike and the FG figs look fab!

    1. Thanks Gobbo. The much mentioned dilution theory.

  2. Great find Mike and nicely painted too - those transfers really finish off the Templar.

  3. You'll feel good for streamlining I do it once a year and it keeps you on a happier track. Love the knights and men at arms I keep saying I'll pick some up I really must do so.

    1. Thanks Simon.
      Yeah, had a massive sort through, so hopefully get some better games in.