Friday, 8 September 2017

Getting to the point

   When I first got carried away building 4ground Wild West buildings, and then playing Dead Man's Hand to justify them, I bought a pack of Great Escape Games' Cacti, painted them up and had them on the edges of all my games - as seen in my first Dead Man's Hand blog - but I knew I needed a few more, 5 cacti just weren't going to cut it.
   So I duly went onto North Star and, as part of another order, I added a pack of the same Cacti to my basket and checked out. When the order arrived it came with a note saying they were out of stock but were expecting a restock soon, so unless I got in contact to cancel it they would post them as soon as they arrived, which I was fine with and promptly carried on with my life forgetting I was waiting on some cacti. A couple of months later I placed an order with Great Escape Games themselves for a tank from their Company B range and remembering I needed some Cacti, I added them to the basket. Within the space of a week or so, two packs of cacti had turned up at my door and they went onto the to-do pile for some space on my desk to free up. That was a good couple of years ago.

   As part of my clearout this zip lock bag of cacti turned up and I knew that I couldn't just paint them up as they were, I needed to do something a tad more special, as another 10 based separately would be really dull scenery. Recently I noticed that Great Escape Games had produced a wildlife pack so that was added to my order with the SU-76i from last post, with a mind to add them to the bases of this project.

   The skeleton was too good not to add to a base and a snake somewhere was a must. I am looking forward to organising, at least a scene in, a game of Dead Man's Hand, which is normally all set inside the town.

Thanks for reading