Wednesday, 13 September 2017

No one expects the . . . wait, there are two of you?

   The Inquisition in the 40K universe has fascinated me since the Daemon Hunter codex came out back in 2003 and I have built and converted a new inquisitor every few years since but never really been happy with the result. Then last year I had some inspiration and after joining a couple of groups on facebook, I had even more inspiration to look through.
    The two models below are the result of all of that;

   First is Inquisitor Von Haas of the Ordo Hereticus. Von Haas is about as puritanical as you can be and is not afraid to throw his weight around to get the manpower, materials and equipment he needs, so everything his warband will have will be top spec and expensive. This is the sort of Inquisitor that will appropriate an Imperial fleet to exterminate a planet he has found a cult on, where others of his kind might just eliminate it's members.
   Weirdly, I finished this model about this time last year and I am not sure how he avoided the pages of this blog, although, in a year I still haven't got that far on the rest his warband. The model is based on GW's Inquisitor Coteaz with parts from space marine kits to give him some character.

   Inquisitor Piers Rowe, however, is a very different kettle of fish, of the Ordo Xenos, he has been keeping a low profile for the last few years. He is researching whether it is possible to reverse engineer the Ork psychic power to disrupt the Waaagh and has had to go to some places and do some things that his peers might take a dim view to. As a result his equipment is practical and built to last, his warband will be small and comprise of misfits and he will make for some much more interesting story lines when I get him to the table.
    The model is based on Heresy Miniatures' 'not the' War Doctor with hands replaced and extra equipment strapped on (inc a backpack). The model just looks as tired and worn out as I needed the character to look after some time avoiding the notice of the authorities.

Thanks for reading