Saturday 14 September 2019


   The second post in this quick two part project* is the other side, the Royalists. As I mentioned, I already had all the rabbits from Oathsworn's current range in my basket, so that left me needing a leader and something else to match points with my other warband. Looking through the models categorised as 'Large', as I wanted a slightly bigger animal to lead the warband to match the Freebeast's fox, I came across the Hare Warrior, which fitted the theme perfectly.
   When it comes to fantasy I normally associate myself to the ranger archetype and paint warbands in greens and browns, but the Freebeasts from the last post fitted that concept better, so my Royalist warband was painted in brighter colours to show the more structured lives that the Royalists would live in my head. That was until I got to the mouse ranger as I felt that the warband needed someone with that sort of skill set and also I liked the model too much to let anyone else use it.

*famous last words

burrows and badgers rabbit royalist warband

   I have half a thought of going back and giving either the Hare Warrior or the Rabbit Warrior a shield but I'm not sure which would suit it more.

Thanks for reading