Sunday 1 September 2019

Gentlemen on Horseback

   The 3rd phase of my ACW project has focused heavily on the Union side of the conflict and today's post isn't going to drastically change that, but I did want to add something useful to my Southern army before I moved onto other projects for a bit and the obvious thing to add was a unit of cavalry. I've had a mental block on painting cavalry for years, which is why my armies tend to be entirely on foot, and this has led to my pile of potential including a worrying chunk of cavalry units that haven't made it into finished armies* but this has changed with the vast numbers of Union horsemen I've churned out recently. I already know what my next project has to be - due to a looming deadline - but I am now very tempted to pick another unit of horse from my backlog to focus on as well.

*There are units for my Napoleonics and at least 4 of my Dark Ages armies in there

   Lastly, I don't normally post a huge amount of games up on here - something I probably do need to change - but we played a game of Rebels and Patriots round my mate Neil's house recently **based on a battle in West Virginia called the Battle of Pine Mountain, which gave me a chance to get all of my toys out in one go***. According to Neil, the game played to a fair representation of how the battle actually went, with the Confederates losing badly in the last few turns after doing really well for the first half****.
***we had to sub some Union infantry for Union Cavalry instead
****No prizes for guessing which side I was on

The Confederates trying to stem the tide and hold the pass - but it was too little too late.

Thanks for reading