Monday 30 September 2019

The scenery bug

   This post is a bit of a cart before the horse situation but I'm going to do it in this order anyway. Something that comes up a lot when I get chatting with the other guys on the Mournival Podcast is what sort of inspirational photos we all store on our phones. The other three guys all just store pictures of figures, while I store mostly photos of scenery and gaming boards and this got me thinking about all my half started scenery collections.
   I have tried in the past to collect enough scenery to fill a 4/4 or 6/4 table to suit whatever I am playing but in the last couple of years or so, I seem to have become really lazy when it came to both carting it to Wayland Games and actually finishing the stuff which is why there haven't been as many photos from my normal games - as they simply aren't as pretty. So with a couple of big figure count painting projects now behind me, I want to focus on the boards I play on again, I have at least 3x 30k/40k boards worth of scenery to do, a jungle board that I started, scenery to go with my Adeptus Titancius, my Saxon village, a modern city board that was destined for Batman and my Gangs of Rome scenery that is gathering dust. So, a fair few things to keep me quiet.

    So, back to the first sentence of this post. The Mournival guys have been planning a 30k campaign for months now and it had been decided that I would play on the loyalist side, so I dutifully got on with getting my Ultramarines finished and I meant to do a post or two on that project before the first weekend of gaming, but instead of blogging I got on with the scenery as I needed to supply at least two of the three tables. The first of the tables was already finished and I had just been waiting to get it out so I could take a decent photo of it, while the second was in various states of painted, unpainted and, in some cases, unbuilt and with a deadline looming it seemed like the perfect time to make it my priority.

   First up I thought I would focus on the Space Port table I started a few months back as it is the one that was already finished and is less likely to have anything major added to it. This table has been going on in the background since December with me painting another batch of Munitorum Container whenever I had the enthusiasm, although, I've not been putting any pictures of them on the blog before the first two batches*. I then added a SkyShield Landing Pad to ram home the space port theme and make sure the table had a big centre piece bit of scenery.
   The table will get some more scatter terrain in the future and maybe the odd extra container or two but it is essentially finished as it is. I'm aiming for my tables to be a mix of open and heavily enclosed so that no single army has a massive terrain advantage throughout an event, if we see a particular army is suited to a type of table and keeps rolling over their opponent's, we can swap them onto the opposite type for a game or two.
*I wasn't convinced 2 or 3 posts in a row showing near 
identical blue boxes would keep anyone else's interest, let alone mine.

   The second table is one that has grown from a different project. I initially planned to do a space depot board and a city fight board, and I still plan to, however, the city has gone on the back burner while the Mechanicum gantries are finished first. The Mechanicum scenery was originally bought to just be a small Kill-Team board's worth as I had seen what other modellers were doing with the kits and I wanted have a try myself, but as in many cases, it has spiralled way beyond the project's remit. I still want to do at least a couple more solid structures to really fill the board up but as it stands, with a few plasti-card walkways to connect the buildings up, this creates a really dense Kill-Team board which I am really excited to get some use out of.
   The buildings are mostly black washed metal, without too much colour, because when they are on a dense board, the colour really stands out and I didn't want it to look too busy. Getting this board done on the day before the event has got me thinking about what I want to add to it, so expect to see more of this one in the future.

Sector Mechanicus Ferratonic Incinerator

Sector Mechanicus Ferratonic Incinerator

Sector Mechanicus Sacristan Forgeshrine

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