Thursday, 15 October 2020

Fighting For Rome

     Carrying on with my push with this project I have swapped tacks slightly and instead of doing the last unit of Legionnaires, I have jumped to the first unit of Auxiliaries. Like the legionnaires I have avoided the red tunics that seem to have gone out of fashion with academics and gone for an off white, but the warlord models are also wearing knee breaches and neck scarves, so I have gone with a light brown for the breaches and red (because they are in the Roman army) scarves.

   The one big change I have been doing when painting Romans is that I have been breaking my rule of small batches and I'm not really sure why. I am now 3 units into this side of the project and while I'm painting the British side in batches of 6 (or sometimes smaller) during the week, I always seem to settle down at the weekend with a full block of Romans and start on all 12 at the same time. Not sure why but it seemed interesting to me at least.

Thanks for reading