Wednesday 26 July 2023

Adding to the 4th company

   I'm having a bit of a catch up on projects - despite what the out put on this blog suggest - as I've been working on a bit of non-hobby stuff recently. Here I have been trying to get some more of the Space Marines from the Leviathan boxset finished and off my backlog.

   The first unit are the Infurnus marines which are quite a cool unit, especially when considered as part of a Tyranid killing Solspear and I'm already considering another unit in the future.

  I've not been clever with these and just painted them like the rest of my 4th company of Aurora Knights with the unit designation of heavy support. It's been quite good fun painting a big unit of gold marines again and it has got me thinking thoughts I can't afford.

Aurora Knights space marines infurnus marines painted gold

   Lastly, on this post is the Ballista Dreadnought from the same box. I painted this the same as the Redemptor from a few weeks back (actually having the model in front of me so I could copy it), so not much else to say other than I did change the decals on both dreads with the 4 in a green circle like I said I would - I think it breaks the gold up really nicely. Its another model I'm tempted to get a second of and maybe have it borrowed from a support comany - but that's something for future me to think about.
aurora knights ballista dreadnought space marines

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