Saturday 8 July 2023

The Swarm Pt 8

   Until Leviathan hit, I had a plan for what each of these swarm posts would be, but now I'm chopping and changing what I am painting, it's gotten a bit out of hand. This post, however, is about my first* unit of Neurogaunts.

   Neurogaunts are a new unit added in this edition, they seem to do two functions; 1. Extend synapse range and keep other bugs under the players control. 2. Very cheap gun fodder. It is point two that excites me.

*yes, first. It turns out enough copies of Leviathan was sold, that picking up extra sprues is a really cheap affair

   Like the Barbgaunts, I had to be a touch creative with my colour scheme as I didn't want to start adding in a blurring colour between my carapace and flesh like GW has done, so there a few bits on the models that look like either hard flesh, or soft carapace that I just picked to be one or the other, so they match the rest of my army much better. From the fluff, I think the things on their backs are separate organisms, so I went with the red I've been using for those so far, swapping slightly for the leader as it looked odd fully in red.

I think they have come out OK and the painting hasn't made me regret a second unit.

Thanks for reading

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