Tuesday 18 July 2023


   I wanted to call this post by the title of the first Dr Who episode where I actually watched the Daleks but as the episode has the uninspired name of "Dalek", I picked another one instead.

   These figures are from Black Tree and were ordered when I started getting excited about Xenos Rampant - they then took nearly 3 months to arrive by which point I'd moved on*. As they were ordered before I really knew how big a force I would need I bought more than I now actually need.

*and despite promises that Black Tree have fixed their dispatch times, I'm about 3 months into waiting on another order

   I was going to paint these in more classic colours - as I think the figures design is based on the classic Daleks - but ultimately as a new Who fan - 9 onwards - it made much more sense to go for their newer brass colour.

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  1. As a gnarly, wrinkly old grognard the Pertwee era Daleks are the only true daleks. Still you've done a nice job on these new fangled pepper-pots.

    1. This is the joy of a continuing TV show, each generation has "their" version of it.