Monday 3 July 2023


   Again, I've got stuff I should be doing both in my limited hobby time and in my real life, but with Leviathan dropping at the weekend I knew all bets were off.
   We had a test game of 10th edition 40k on release day* - this time in my back garden, which meant we had to call the game when it started to get too dark to read the rulebook properly - but I have to say, I really like this edition. My mojo to paint up 40k is not going to go away anytime soon.
* Not done that since 4th edition!

   With the game under my belt I decided to get some bits of the boxset built and painted just so it was moving, with that I picked a reasonable sized unit for each side and got building. I picked the Barbgaunts for the Tyranids and the Sternguard Veterans for the Space Marines - although I added the shield lieutenant from the last starter box as it was sitting on my painting shelf waiting to go.

The Barbgaunts (and to an extent the Neurogaunts) are a far busier Tyranid beastie than the older ranges, so there are points on the figure that it's much harder to see where the edge between carapace and body begins/ends, so I've used a far bit of staring at pictures online and making arbitrary choices on my own as well. I've gone nuts on the red as the spot colour as well.

The Sternguard are a unit I am ridiculously proud of, these guys looked terrible until about the decal phase at which point everything kind of clicked. If it wasn't for the moulded on shoulder pads I would be going nuts and buying another sprue of these.

The Lieutenant is one of those legacy models that it's a tad embarassing its taken this long to paint, but I was blue-tacking the Sternguard to my spraying board and noticed this model on my shelf wearing a very similar outfit, so he got added to the unit to be painted at the same time. I'm pleased with the tilt shield on both this guy and the sgt of the other squad.

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