Wednesday 6 December 2023

The Endless Swarm

   With the Imperium's resources stretched to it's limit another swarm has been allowed to build in the jungle which required extermination, this time the Order of the Fallen Angel was in a position to respond. With an entirely mobile force* the Adepta Sororitas raced to confront the threat before it had time to make it to the closest settlement, or worse, build further.

*he knows I hate trying to kill Rhinos

   The end result was a fairy close victory for the Imperium, with the highest casualty count of any battle in the campaign so far. It does now mean the defenders of Fratribusia are starting to pull a victory out of the bag, that is until I sent the next bit of fluff to the group chat . . .

The Solblades that arrived on Fratribusia have been holding the xenos menace at bay but they are slowly losing ground. Every casualty lost to the Imperium is irreplaceable and numbers will tell with time, but holding the line forever was not why the Lord Regent Robute Gulliman sent the Solblades out.
Fratribusia was never meant to be held. It was always a delaying point while the machine of the Imperium ground into place at strategically vital planets. 

Now is the time for the Imperial forces remaining on Fratribusia to change tactics. The imperium has to decide what is worth saving and what can actually be saved.

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