Monday, 19 February 2018

Hungarians - remember this one?

   While in Budapest last September, I got a hit of the inspiration bug and found myself planning out a Hungarian WW2 army which I decided would be ready for the new year and finely honed by the time of the Cam'bridge Too Far Bolt Action tournament came around in early March. As my first unit wasn't painted until December, it was always going to be a long shot whether it was going to get done in time.
   Then last week a post went up on Facebook reminding that lists needed to be in by Saturday the 24th February and the realisation of how soon it was all becoming hit me hard. Thankfully, I had actually done more painting than I had posted about (not sure how a big chunk of the army missed my blog) which gave me a good chance but I would still like to have a game under my belt with this army before I handed the list over to the tournament organisers.

   The finished army (minus the medic on the right who I painted because I had him), as you can see, I am relying on the army being able to annoy an enemy into defeat rather than having any single hard unit.

   The units painted up at some point over the Christmas period (unsure when) that missed the blog first time round. Three more squads, officer + mate and medic, it was this big chunk of models having been finished early that had given me the chance of getting this army done in time to get a game in.

   The last of the infantry that needed finishing, a mortar team + spotter, MMG team and AT rifle team. The only reason they hadn't been done at the same time as the rest was I hate building mortars (beyond fiddly) and I needed a doner AT Rifle (plastic Soviet set) to convert my own one up (using a LMG gunner as a base).

   The compulsory vehicles, because who doesn't want tanks in a WW2 army? In this case it is a 40M Turan Hungarian tank, Hungarian Truck and a German Panzer 38T, sent to reinforce the Hungarians. I spent ages online trying to work out the best camo for the Hungarians and settled on something that looks right for the summer of 43, which also matches the units I have picked for my list. I purposely painted the Panzer in a different scheme (eastern front, 43 as well) and used a different green, just to make sure there is no mistaking that it is from a different army. Neither of the tanks are that hard but I have found reliably pinning the opponents tanks every turn is better than aiming for the one shot kill as when it fails it leaves you with a really bad game and that is what these two are designed to do.

I'm going to start a finished project tally for this year, so this is number 1.
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  1. Really great looking minis. I love tank camo :)

    1. Thanks Michal. I was dreading it, looking at the pictures online, but it actually came out better than I thought.