Friday, 23 February 2018

Gangs of Rome - Making Progress

   With my Hungarian project now finished and my Sons of Horus nearly finished (although I suspect this is one of those projects that will never really be finished) I am looking at what other projects I can get finished quickly or what games I really want to get on the table that I just haven't managed so far, but I am trying not to lose sight of my Gangs of Rome project.
   I only have another 30 models to paint for this project, which doesn't sound like much but as it is another list of models without a uniform I don't want to rush it and end up with models I don't like once it is finished, so I want to take my time and paint a model every time I get inspired, rather than force a finished project. However, saying that I still want to see this project moving, and this is what I have achieved recently.
   First up is another base of mob, I kept to my rule of trying to paint as many of these as I could before I started on my gang members, knowing full well that once my gangers are painted the mob would fall by the wayside. These batch is a green batch, following my group painting rules and I plan to include at least a single gang fighter in each mob painting batch to help the project move along a bit more.

   Next up are my first two fighters, I have kept the colour schemes really simple on these two just to make sure I have some models finished and help with motivation. These two are (left to right); Faustinus and Metella - pre-named as per their cards. Faustinus has a white streak in his hair from an old head wound and Metella is a branded thief.

   While I was going through my gang members trying to get some inspiration on who to build/paint next and what I wanted them to look like, I had a proper look at one of the Dominus figures and felt that it would be a great quick model to paint, so he jumped the queue pretty spectacularly. Again, a simple colour scheme as I felt it looked right on him.

   Last up is a weirder one, some scenic bits from Foundry Miniatures. I tried to make them look like veined white marble (although I suspect I was a bit harsher on the veining) but I am pleased with them and think they will look good on a scenic board.

Thanks for reading


  1. The marbling is fine Mike, good job! Loving these figs mate

  2. Great stuff Mike! It's becoming harder and harder to stay away from GoR seeing your posts - and the statues look brilliant, great weathering.

    1. Thanks Ivor.
      Hoping to do a rules review at some point soon - that might help you decide.