Friday, 9 February 2018

Sons of Horus Odds and Sods - Nearing the end

   It's been a slightly more productive week on the hobby front, with actual painting time put aside and time found for a few games. I have purposefully left any finished models from the Gangs of Rome project out of this post as I felt both projects now have enough traction to deserve their own label threads, so don't worry, it hasn't fallen by the wayside, quite the opposite in fact.
    This is another of those posts where it is going to look like I have been incredibly busy, but again, I only actually had to finish about 5 men (and the Landspeeder) to complete the squads I am posting about.

   The Javelin Landspeeder was one of those purchases where it wasn't in my initial list, nor do I really know what I am going to do with it, but I was looking through my future shopping list and what I already had and I was completely lacking in Fast Attack choices. While I have a few units that will be fulfilling Fast Attack slot jobs on the battlefield, I wanted at least something in my options that actually lived in the slot, plus the Landspeeder fulfilled a tank hunting role that I am also slightly light on.

   These squads, unlike the Landspeeder, were part of the plan from early on. The first squad is a Despoiler squad, a brain child of the Warmaster himself*. Despoilers would be mounted in rhinos or landraiders, held in reserve and unleashed when the foe was breaking, much in the way cavalry could be used in ancient warfare. I have designated these as the 4th Tactical squad, as it was normal practice to reassign tactical marines to form these squads.
* So I had to have a squad really.

   The last squad is my first Tactical Support squad, special weapon toting tactical marines who fulfill specific battlefield roles. Again, this was a unit that was nearly entirely built before I even started this incarnation of this project, with only minor changes to the fabric of the squad (customary top knot and shoulder pads etc), I am particularly pleased with the guy on the front right of the squad with his bionic leg and mismatched armour.

   Now I have my 6 main power armoured squads finished, varnished and in their case, I feel like a bit light on the Sons of Horus details - mostly top knots as each squad seems to have a single token one as if to prove a point, This is something I will fix with future units.

Thanks for reading