Thursday, 15 February 2018

Sons of Horus - Armour

   My hobby plan at this point was to put my remaining Sons of Horus aside for a week or so and aim to get further with my Gangs of Rome project, so my first fighters were built and sprayed, another couple of bases of mob also underwent the same process and then a realisation hit me, just how close I was to boxing off everything I currently own for my SoH, so they duely jumped the queue.
   Over the weekend I joined a 30k Essex group on facebook and organised, not only, my first game/s but also a ticket to a tournament in June. My thinking behind this is that I have now got 3-5 games planned out for this army, even if the guy I am building it to play against doesn't get around to doing his force.

   The army list I initially wrote has been modified and changed so much in the last month, or so, that it is nearly unrecognisable but it is still the list I am aiming for, with everything else just being options and extra for bigger games. This post is the last few models I needed to finish that list.

   My first squad of Sons of Horus Terminators with a HQ choice attached. As mentioned before Horus made sure that the Sons of Horus were never lacking when it came to equipment, both in terms of quality and quantity, and terminator armour was high on that list being one of the first legions to get access to the armour and having some of the highest numbers of the armour by the point of the heresy, so I knew I needed at least one squad*.
   I kept my armour purposely plain compared to the colours most people choose, my army is supposed to be the 84th company, so far down the order of battle that I doubt they had a huge amount of boast of as they would be unlikely to be involved in the same compliance fleet as the Wastermaster himself. When I eventually add Horus to my army it will be with at least a couple of squads of Justaerin terminator bodyguards (the elite of the elite) so I want the difference to be so obvious that it cannot be missed.
*Although I will probably
get more 

   The vindicator was the result of another realisation when I noticed just how light on Anti Tank was list was becoming. I want to add some big tanks in the future but in the mean time I decided I needed the bread and butter of legion infantry support tanks and it had to either be one of these or a predator and the vindicator was just too pretty not to have.

Sons of Horus 30k deimos vindicator colours

   The Sicaran tank is another of those units that just scream 30K and is, in my opinion, one of the best looking tanks in the warhammer universe. My initial plan was to get the Venator variant but upon speaking to the guy who I am planning to use this army against the most we realised our unit selection was actually pretty similar, so I swapped out a Venator for the basic version and left the Vindicator (above) to do the same job.

Sons of Horus 30k sicaran colours

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