Wednesday, 28 February 2018

For King and Country

   One of the things I wanted to get finished and on the table in 2018* was Sharp Practice 2, with my French force at a point where it is big enough to get a game in, I needed to get my British force to the same level. These two units of British Light Line and have on my painting tray for longer than I think any model has before** and lack of motivation meant that it looked like they would be sat in painting purgatory for a lot longer. However, with my current lack of a job I decided that this is the exact sort of project I should now be getting on with.
*Well 2017 but lets not split hairs
**I might have had to brush dust off them

   I have definitely mentioned before how much I hate painting Napoleonics and I suspect I made the same mistake I made with the first French unit I painted, i.e. painting 16 men at the same time just makes the situation worse, so the next lot will be painted in batches of 8 again to help mitigate this.

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