Friday, 15 March 2019

ACW Cannons

   This isn't going to be my most exciting post ever, but with the last things needing* to be painted for my ACW project to get the armies onto the table being the cannons themselves, it made sense to get a wiggle on and get them done. I still have 3 limbers to go (as they come in the kit, it seems daft not to get them built and painted even if they are a pointed upgrade, that I haven’t taken, in Rebels and Patriots. The same when you look at the crew, in Rebels and Patriots a cannon has a 4 man crew** and it made no sense to leave some on the sprue that would either be needlessly thrown away or stored for no reason, so I built them as part of my project.

*Not that there isn't more coming
**Rising to 6 with a limber

  I now have a 24 point army for both sides, so once I get unit cards written up, I will hopefully aim to get this on the table asap.

   Lastly, I have another Castallax for my Sons of Horus, Cybernetica contingent. One of the consequences of being on the Mournival Podcast is that I am chatting more 30k than I ever have before, and with a couple of guys who are really into their Mechanicus, and I dare say, this is having an effect on me. I’m sure you will see more of this sort of stuff in the near future. This one is in a slightly more dynamic pose than it's sibling.

Sons of Horus 30k castellax cybernetica legion colours

Thanks for reading