Thursday 9 March 2023


   I've got an ongoing project to try and get my club to play a single big game as a group - as we seem to split down into little groups on club nights and not mix as well as we once did - for which I picked the American Civil War as the theatre for the game, using the Rebels and Patriots rules.
   With this in mind and the year starting to get away from me already, I thought I would put my money where my mouth was and make sure I had enough troops for both sides to make a decent showing*.

*the idea being that the game is more about getting guys to participate than demanding hobby from those who might not be able to, I want spare troops I can lend out if needed

   The first thing to cross my desk is a unit of Confederate infantry as this is one of the areas that I have been planning to bulk my collection up, plus it never hurts to own an extra unit of two of extra infantry. These are Perry Miniatures plastics and have been painted in a quick and dirty scheme to match the others I already have.

In the future I have the rest of my Perry order from last year to paint - mostly limbers and wagons - then I plan to bulk up the cavalry of my Confederates and lasting a quick addition to any part of either collection that I think is lacking.

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  1. They may be a quick and dirty paint job but it works well.