Friday 17 March 2023

The Dwarves Are Ranging

   This post is about a unit I hadn't planned to do - archers/rangers. Something that I am fast beginning to think is a sales tactic by NannyOgg on eBay is to send out the wrong box/sprue then when you email to ask them to correct it, they give two options, 1. send them back and they refund the postage you paid to do so, or 2. they let you keep them at a slightly reduced price and send you the stuff you ordered afterwards. I've had this 3 times now if I remember correctly.

   This unit was bought as heavy Dwarf sprues and the light sprues turned up instead. Then the classic point that once you have something in your hands and sending it back looks like more work than you can be bothered with, paying the price seems sensible.

   I purposely did something different with this unit and painted them in the colour scheme I use for my Rohirrim, albeit with the green underneath the armour instead of on top, to show that this isn't a unit of archers but rangers and scouts who use bows. As there are 16 instead of the normal 12 (why leave a few figures unpainted for no reason) I can swap the 2 handed weapons and banner in and out as needed.

oathmark light dwarves rangers

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