Friday 31 March 2023

Irish Picquets, Regiment De Lally

   With the anniversary of the Battle of Culloden coming up fast, I thought it made sense to try and get the bulk of this project finished, if not complete it entirely. All I have left are a pair of units from two different regiments and some odds and sods, which feels doable.

   This post is about the Irish Picquets from the Regiment De Lally. I had a choice between them or the Manchester Regiment, but as the other regiment I plan to paint wears blue coats, I chose the red coated one of these two for a bit of variety.

   The figures are from my mate Neil's backlog, and I am pretty sure he said they were old Front Rank models which have since been replaced in the catalogue.  

I really need to take my own advice and not batch paint in these sort of numbers.

Thanks for reading