Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Anglo-Saxon Saga Warband

    As I had a quite afternoon I thought I would spend some time with my camera and some scenery to take some proper photos of armies that were painted up before I started this blog. I am going to concentrate on armies that I have mentioned in this blog so far, especially ones that are still being painted, so that you can put pictures of models into your mind where before they have only been written about.
        I thought I would start with my Anglo-Saxon Saga warband;

Anglo-saxon saga warband
My current 5 point Anglo-saxon saga warband
 I use the Gripping Beast Hereward the Wake model for my Anglo-Saxon warlord. I think this is one of the nicest sculpts out there at the moment and is the model that really got this whole project really kick started. I have purposely painted him up differently to the way he is painted on their website just to try not to mislead opponents into thinking he is being used as the infamous man himself.
Anglo-saxon saga warband hereward the wake
Odda Whitehorn, Anglo-Saxon warlord, his huscarls and his personal priest (bard)
Anglo-saxon saga warband
Warriors unit 1

Anglo-saxon saga warband
Warriors unit 2

Anglo-saxon saga warband
Warriors unit 3 
       My whole Anglo-Saxon warband is made from Gripping beast plastics, I think their plastic are really nice sculpts and a really good deal for the amount you get. Plus the idea of drilling and sticking white metal weapons into white metal hands on a scale bigger than a couple of 4 man units feels me with a serious sense of dread, so these plastics make the whole process a lot easier.
I have tried to keep to the historical evidence as much as possible, so my levy will be completely unarmoured, my warriors are a mix of mostly unarmoured but with helmets and a few that are armoured, while my huscarls are a completely armoured. I don't think chainmail would have been all that common, so I try to keep it to the professional warriors.

       Thanks for reading.

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