Saturday 12 July 2014

Saturday wanderings and achievements

     My first weekend post, I've finally worked how how to load photos on my home laptop so I am no longer reliant on my work computer at lunch time. So, why the post?
     Firstly, I went to the opening of the Basildon Games Workshop. First impressions of the shop itself is that it is a much bigger games workshop than I am used to, 3 big tables and space for people to walk and play. It also has a much older crowd in it than I am used to. It's all promising stuff for a decent gaming group. I'm not particularly a games workshop games player any more, but I am still interested in their stuff and having a new closer local is never a bad thing when you are in need of a pot of paint.

Games Workshop GW basildon

     Then on a completely separate note, I finally based my trees. The tree's are slightly too bushy to really show off their basing but hopefully they will make more regular appearances in the backgrounds of photos now they all look pretty. I need to have a go at improving the pine trees, but at £1 a pop, and with a pack of 40mm bases to plant them on, they were too good a deal to turn down.

wargaming trees scenery

      I have another vbcw unit painted up and I'll put them online when the bases are dry, plus I am off to a tournament tomorrow so there should be some good posts coming in the next few days. Until then, thanks for reading.

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