Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Half year resolution round up

    While I haven't been blogging for half a year yet, I did make some wargaming/hobby related new year resolutions to motivate me to get projects off of my painting table and onto the gaming table this year, and I thought I would take this moment to have a look at how well I have done with them.

The first resolution was just to get me gaming more, after spending about 4-5 years while at uni, and just afterwards, where I didn't play at all, I wanted to make sure I kept gaming and didn't let it drift off again.

  • Play 52 games this year. So far I am at 45, mostly thanks to my star trek attack wing tournaments and weekly gaming club.
The second resolution was to paint 6000 points worth of models this year, which is a very games workshop focused aim. This was based on the amount of gw models I was buying at the end of last year, but with my massive increase in non-gw models, esp ones that don't actually have a points cost in game, I have also started counting the number of models. My original aim with 6000 points was that 500 a month is generally a couple of units or maybe a character and a big tank, which is easily do able.

  • Paint 6000 points of models. So far I am at 4966, so well over my half way aim. While model count is now up at 174.
My last resolution was a bit more obscure. It was to paint up 5 Warhammer Storm of Magic monsters. This was mostly just to try and get some of those really cool monsters that I could never quite justify buying a real reason to end up on my painting table, and then ultimately onto a shelf to look pretty.

  • Paint 5 storm of magic monsters. Currently at 1, but I do have a second sitting next to my desk patiently waiting for its turn.
The other thing I decided to do this year was to keep a note of all my games played and the results. I am not, and never will be, a power gamer, my wins will always be out numbered by my losses, but I am just curious to see what the end number actually is. Then I also want to see over the next few years how my gaming has changed, in terms of what systems I end up with at any one point as my go to game. I know last year probably would have been 40k again after a long absence, while the year before was definitely Lord of the Rings. 
  • Different games played this year: 15.
  • Most played game this year: Star Trek Attack Wing
  • Win/Loss ratio: 42% win ration, not bad when my gaming is constantly compared to ww1 generals.
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