Monday 7 July 2014

Church. Part 1

    Cavalier book's battlefield buildings range is pretty much the starting point for scenery at my local gaming club with a couple of members owning enough terraces, cottages and shops to build a decent looking village for what ever the game of the night happens to be, usually if these are coming out zombies are involved . . . As much as the range is really nice, and the quality can't be faulted, the sheer monotone, sameness of the pre-painted stuff means the street view just isn't that interesting to look at, so I wanted to add something different with my purchase.
     As my better camera is off being repaired, I can only make poor excuses about the quality of the photography, but here we go anyway.

VBCW 28mm church

      Pebble dashed churches are quite common in my local area, usually they are Methodist or Salvation Army, and I thought, a copy of one of these would look quite nice amongst all the brick buildings.

     My first step was to glue all the windows and the door on, as it would be next to impossible to make a neat job of this after the sand had been applied. Then once they were all dry I covered the church in a layer of PVA and shock it around in a box of sand for a while. Once that was dry it was covered in a diluted PVA mix and extra sand was used to tidy up and bits where the sand hadn't stuck. The current result is a solid layer of sand on the outside of the building.

VBCW 28mm church

     The next stage will be to tidy up the bits I don't want sand on and then apply a layer of varnish to really seal it all on. 

I hope I have given someone ideas from this, until next time.

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