Thursday, 17 July 2014

VBCW militia

     Just a quick mid-week post. I've had this picture of my latest Very British Civil War unit sitting on my laptop since Saturday evening but it keeps being over taken to getting it's very own post by the next shiny thing that has come off my painting desk. So, here is it's time to shine.
     This unit of worker's militia is the second unit for my Albertine faction from the VBCW. I like the idea of the various worker's militia's comprising the majority of the actual fighting men involved in the civil war. Local communities, colleagues or even sports clubs, arming themselves and fighting for whatever cause they believe in, be it communist or fascist ideals, supporting either king, or even just defending their local interest in a country roaming with uncontrolled armies. So, even though the next unit that is on my painting desk is a regular army unit, I want the majority of my Essex Albertine force to just be different units of militia, with these guys being one of many.

musketeer miniatures vbcw albertine militia

     I should get a post up Sunday or Monday showing off my whole 'Went the day well?' platoon, so until then. I hope you enjoyed reading this.


  1. Very nice Mike, that banner looks good too.

  2. Thanks Michael. I'm going to try and do another shoot like I did for my Anglo-Saxons this weekend. Really try to show off the whole lot in the best way I can.
    The banner was a quick 10 minutes on photo shop while I was at work. Really pleased with the result.

    1. Very impressive for 10 minutes work, I would know where to start.