Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Return of the monsters!

    So I was minding my own business and getting on with my work when, Bam!, a tweet by Andy from Heresy Miniatures came up on my phone and it was about his new kickstarter. What's this, I thought. A kickstarter designed to bring back all his old monsters, oh and a couple of his big old winged demons? Hmmm.
     At least it's easy to resist something like th . . . Damn, that didn't work. I'm now pledged for the Azaroth figure in lovely resin, so hopefully by February I will be showing off my new monster. I have a rough plan to drill his clenched hand, put a length of doubled up chain in it and use it as a generic big demon or as a bloodthirster greater demon for Warhammer 40k.

Heresy miniatures azaroth kickstarter bloodthirster

    Here is the link for the kickstarter in case any of this interests you;

Normal service will resume once I actually manage to paint something . . .


  1. Now you see I saw this as well and thought, no I don't need anything here, but it is so tempting. My problem is that I've on just bought Azaroth in metal, (I was actually looking for something else entirely) so I'm thinking that I might actually escape with a low level pledge!

    1. Good luck Michael. I've always found need is such a vague term . . . I'll see you on the other side and we'll compare notes then! See if either break down more as extra pledge levels go up.