Sunday 10 August 2014

The big girl

       Yet another toy that has been sitting on the side waiting for me to work out what I was going to do with. She is an Apatosaurus made by Schleich and is the first big dinosaur to go into my collection. The plan for the dinosaur game is to have a couple of big carnivores and a couple of packs of smaller ones that will be the real dinosaur threat, but the herbivores will still be a threat, although a less obvious one, they won't purposely attack you but a scared animal the size of one of these is going to do a lot of damage if it either flees through your men or decides to stand its ground.

Apatosaurus Schleich dinosaur hunting 28mm dino

       I did plan to repaint her (based on no real evidence I am assigning the gender to this dinosaur) but after procrastinating about how I was going to go about it, I came to the decision that I actually really like the effect the painters have already done on her. Future ones will be probably be repainted, but I do like the effect this one already has. All I have done is glue her to a base (a GW flier base) and then given the base the same treatment that all the rest will have. I always work on the idea if a model has a base their can be no arguments (although there always is) on measurements and movement.
      I think it may have to be a big carnivore next, although a small herd of either triceratops or stegosaurus wouldn't go a miss.

      Also, I am aware I have been doing lots of small, one pictures posts over the last few weeks, this is mostly because I have been doing ridiculous amounts of overtime, so my painting time has been destroyed, but I have a few really big projects on the go at the moment and, I have to run to my 40K tournament,  so hopefully I will have at least one big post this week and then a few more starting later in August.

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  1. I love her! I've not got this one, but may have to acquire one for myself.

    1. Thanks Michael I thought she was gorgeous when I spotted her. Toying with the idea of getting her a mate and, using some heat, bending the neck straight. May well try at some point.