Monday, 25 August 2014

The sisters march


     A long bank holiday weekend means a lot of spare painting time, and this one has been no exception. My desk is covered in multiple, exciting new projects and the pictures below show the start of one of these.
     After a long period of completely ignoring 40k and everything to do with it I am now back in the mood and really excited about it, and this is the outcome of that excitement. A whole new army. These are the start of my Order of the Martyr's Blood, a faction in the imperial sisters of battle, the military arm of the church in man-kind's future.
      My club already has a sisters player, who is my normal ally when we actually get around to playing, so I thought I would take influence from his colour scheme. I toyed with a direct copy, but decided a much better idea would be a colour reversal. So his red armour and white robes, became my white armour and red robes, which I have to say is really quite pleasing to look at. I like the idea that the sisters are supposed to be this weird mix of purity, faith and military vengeance. So the white armour becomes their idealist purity and faith, but the red under tones shows they aren't afraid to bring fire down on the enemies of their faith.

    So far I have painted up my first sisters troop squad and a couple of heavy support exorcist tank. This army is going to be much more about mid to long range attack, and will be woeful in close combat, although it will have a slight combat part build in just in case. The finished army will there-fore comprise of a couple of long range missile tanks, a couple of mid range shooting squads, and a more mobile shooting squad that has some ability in combat, although it won't be choosing to do that if it can be avoided.

sisters of battle red white troop gw metal

      The exorcists are the forge-world kit rather than the games workshop one, for the simple fact that I prefer the basic military look of the forge-world version. I know 40k is all about the high gothic, over the top architecture, but I'm just not as big a fan of it as I could be, I like the slightly understated look of this one. The fact the other sisters player uses the games-workshop version should look really good on the battlefield, when balanced off against my pair of this version.

Don't worry if your not into 40k, this is just one of a few projects I have on the go. . .


  1. Now they look like a fearsome bunch! I always find white really difficult, but you have nailed it.

    1. Thanks Michael, its driven me nuts all weekend though. I thought it would be a lot easier than it turned out to be. Got quite a few more to get painted still.