Friday, 12 August 2016

A road I didn't think I would walk

     While I didn't get around to playing much Warhammer Fantasy - price point and my limited attention span meant that a whole army wasn't going to happen - I was amongst the hordes of gamers who were shocked when GW killed their world off and created a whole new setting. I was listening to the Heelan Hammer podcast as it unfolded and agreed with them that with the way the fluff was going and the 'End Times' setting that had been in place for so long meant something had to happen.*
    Age of Sigmar was still a shock and I won't lie and tell you that when I saw my first Stormcast figure I decided I needed an army of them there and then, because I really didn't like them. Really didn't. Now the internet rage has died down, however, speaking to the few gamers who have given the game it's fair chance (and seeing all the cool stuff at Warhammer world) it sounds like a really good game. Two separate people have described the game as GW taking the best bits of both Warhammer games and LotR (which I still maintain is the best GW ruleset ever) and mixing them into a stunning game. How could I not give that a try?
 * Be careful what you wish for
40k players
aos stormcast eternal liberators starter set

    I'm still not 100% on the fluff but this game has so many entry points that I don't think it matters. This is my first unit of Stormcast Eternals Liberators (to give them their full name). I have gone with the GW studio scheme of gold armour and blue, but I am using different transfers* on the shoulder pads mark them out as my figures.
* Blood Angel squad symbols in this case
stormcast eternal colour scheme
The figure that came 'free' on the front of the 'Get started with AOS' that GW produced. 

     I know this blog post isn't going to be for everyone but that's the joy of blogging, if a post comes up on your feed that you have no interest in you don't need to read it. Hopefully, I might have inspired someone else to have another look at AOS even if they have no intention of playing it. While I wait for my second troop and first HQ to appear from ebay so I can try and get a game in.

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  1. Very nice Mike and not what I was expecting this morning. I use my local GW shop for the occasional can of undercoat and they are always so friendly and welcoming. I asked them how they felt about the killing off of Warhammer and whilst there was mixed feeling and emotions at what had gone before they genuinely couldn't be more enthusiastic about the new rules believing them to be really playable - looking forward to finding out how you get on.

    1. Wasn't what I expected to be posting at the end of the week either. I've just spoken so so many people who are unbelievably enthusiastic about the game, the haters will always be a vocal group online, but actually speak to the guys playing it and they love it. It isn't warhammer as we knew it and it shouldn't be compared.

  2. I think AoS is another game that I could get into if my local club play it - They're mostly 40K at the moment. Not looked at the rules yet, so maybe I'll have a gander at some point. Always wanted a Slaanesh army for WHFB, but nearest I got was a Cultist Imperial Guard army for 40K.

    1. It's a skirmish game now - so you can do this in so few figures that if you were ever going to jump onto a project like that, this is probably the time. Although in the fluff Slaanesh is dead - his cultists still exist and are trying to replace him with a new God.

  3. Great work Mike! Armour colour is awesome!

  4. They look great. I must admit I do like the new AoS miniatures there are some corkers in the range

  5. Thanks Simon. They are really good sculpts.