Friday, 19 August 2016

Somali Pirates

    First thing, I want to mention that I didn't paint these figures, I am not going to claim credit for them but with a week of half finished projects, I've got nothing of my own painted so these guys get the limelight. 

    In a natural (?) progression from Sangin Skirmish in Afghanistan, we have decided to have a look at playing a game set in a different theatre that could affect our game and we picked a game based on how the Taliban get their supplies and materials. Somali pirates became the obvious go-to project.*

* Conversations about wargaming
should never be taken out of context.
eureka somali pirates sangin skirmish

eureka somali sangin skirmish africa

     The models are from Eureka Miniatures and the paint job is by Daemontail Miniatures. This was my first foray into professional painters and one that I doubt I will make too much of a habit of but I am really impressed with the results.*
     I've had these sitting on my desk since Salute and I just couldn't get myself to motivated to start putting paint onto them, so as there we only twelve it seemed like the perfect opportunity to send them to a mate who kept mentioning about his painting studio. It was also quite good fun finding images of the football shirts I wanted knowing full well someone else was going to have to attempt to do them.

* Painting your own figures is
what makes the army feel 
'yours' in my head.

deamontail miniatures essex fgure painter studio

Now to sort out the ship. . .

Thanks for reading


  1. Looking good.

    But piracy must pay well, as have you seen how much an adult football shirt costs nowadays ... unless you get a pirated one.

    I'm a font of bad jokes :)

    1. Boom boom! They wouldn't be in the industry unless there was money to be made. Can't all be shivering timbers and polls wants a cracker.