Tuesday, 9 August 2016

AT rifle for the VBCW Albertines

     VBCW is one of those weird projects where I love the premise, I love the models, I will collect way too many figures for but I doubt I will ever actually play unless I can twist the arms of the people around me. 
     Knowing that, however, here I am with another unit for my much beloved Albertines, an AT rifle team from Footsore miniatures. I was looking at my force on an older blog post (VBCW Albertines) and something clicked in my head, I still need more in my motor pool but I also need a way of dealing with opposing vehicles as well that isn't just big guns on various cars or tanks and, in this period, an AT rifle felt like the answer. 

vbcw at rifle team footsore minatures

vbcw albertine weapon team

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