Monday, 8 August 2016

Saga Iron Man - The Movie

    A completely unplanned post but one that made me laugh when I spotted it. I'm in the Wargames Illustrated magazine's Saga Iron Man day's movie, not once but twice.*

* I'm not built for tv work.

Thanks for watching


  1. And a speaking part too, fame at last! :)

  2. Top stuff.
    It was very interesting to see business owners and staff actually on the other side of the table, as it were, playing wargames as opposed to selling at shows or through email communications about their products. I tend to forget that the people I buy from at shows are players themselves.
    Going to this type of event would be something that I'd be interested in at some point, though I may limit myself to Star Wars X-Wing or Armada (purely to cut down on the need to paint things).
    Thanks for posting the video.

    1. I think half the guys there were wargames business owners. I was sitting in the middle of a chat about casting deadlines while we were eating lunch.
      That's the exact joy of these events - you don't paint anything. I only packed my rulebook, dice and measuring implements and all I actually got out of my bag all day was my rulebook. Just sign up and go play some games - I know I am playing my next right now.