Saturday, 15 February 2020

Cavanuary 3 - The Pride of France Pt.2

   The title to this post is purposefully misleading* but it felt like it followed on nicely from the last Cavanuary post. This entry is a unit that is a full on backlog unit and the exact reason I wanted to do the Cavanuary specialised month. The unit in question is French Napoleonic Lancers and there are some things to say up front - Yes I know that there were no Lancers in the Peninsula and that the uniform I have picked is much better suited to the Russian campaign, however, they were a gift and I didn't want them to go to waste**.
*Not even sorry
**And having seen what my mate's lancers could do, I needed to get mine finished***
***See the last Napoleonic post

   I went with the colour scheme from the box, carefully avoiding the red of the elite companies as elite doesn't suit my way of playing. Happily, shock troops in Rebels and Patriots come in units of 12 which is how big the Warlord Games box of Lancers is, but, even more happily, the box comes with metal parts to give you an officer and musician but no horses for them and it just so happened I got a sprue of Lancers with my copy of Wargames Illustrated last year who could donate their horses giving me options on how to field them (although I need another 4 to boost them up to Sharpe Practise sized units).

I just need to get them on the table now and under my own command . . .

Thanks for reading