Monday, 10 February 2020

Sabre - This is Cavalry Right?

   This is going to stay as a fairly short and sweet post as there isn't a huge amount to say. I'm still on the Mournival Podcast and if anything it going stronger than ever now we have mixed up our recording and release schedule* and it has been good for keeping me looking at a game which could very easily have fallen by the wayside in my normal butterfly way of hobbying.
   The Sabre is a light, fast tank (in the fluff) utilised by the legions at the time of the Heresy. When this thing came up on pre-order we chatted about the photos on the cast and figured it had to be Land Raider sized, we then downgraded it to Sicaran sized. Then the first non-product page photos came out and we realised it wasn't even quite Rhino sized and it went from I want one, to I've ordered one and what do I do now.
   I decided that my Ultramarines were the place to test this new unit out, so the blue paint came out and this is the result. I still can't tell you if it any good, the one thing I can say is I've been told multiple times that I've given it the wrong choice of guns - only time will tell.

*Much preferring shorter weekly episodes

Ultramarines sabre light tank blue forgeworld

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