Wednesday 25 June 2014

Anglo-Danish warlord and huscarls

     After a rare bit of after work painting I can now introduce the longest members of the 'I'll paint that next' part of my painting desk, my Anglo-Danish warlord and two units of huscarls. These guys have been on my desk since I bought them at Salute 2012 and they have been continually pushed back by that next shiny new project, but with a game planned for tonight and my club staying at the 4 point mark for Saga for the time being, it seemed the perfect time to try out yet another faction to see if their play style suits me.

Saga anglo-dane warlord and huscarls
Anglo-Danish warlord Harold Half-Dane and his retinue
      My general build at the moment seems to be a couple of units of huscarls and a couple of units of warriors giving me hitting power and numbers. My next plans are to try out the archers, that are still sitting on my desk, a unit of slings, that have been there even longer, and then try for slightly bigger games in general. If I can end up with a couple of units of huscarls, 2-3 warrior units and maybe a combat levy unit and a shooting levy unit for each faction (with Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Danish sharing a lot of units) that will give me a lot of flexibility in the long run while I find my feet in this game.
      Now I need more painting time to paint some OO scale figures for the railway and the dark age archers are starting to look at me funny.

      Thanks for reading this.


  1. Very nice indeed Mike, you've certainly got some variety on the desk at the moment!

    1. Thanks Michael. Wait until you see some of the bits that have found their way onto my desk recently.