Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Scale creep

     Scale creep, or just a variation in sizes from 28mm, is something I haven't really run into in my modelling experience so far. Every time I have built an army for any system in the past it has been either using the 'official' range of figures that go with the game or just using figures entirely from one manufacturer. Looking at modelling a Very British Civil War, however, has meant that I have been searching through ranges from companies I hadn't even heard of before and sometimes picking a single figure or two to boost an unit from a different company, so my desk at the moment has figures from ranges like North Star, Empress, Musketeer, Sloppy Jalopy, Reiver Castings, Gripping Beast, Great War, Crooked Dice etc, so this has meant I can now see the variation in size a 28mm model can have.
scale creep 28mm north star reiver castings musketeer footsore empress size comparrison miniatures
Left to right; North Star, Sloppy Jalopy, Empress, Reiver, Musketeer and Great War.
     I was planning on using the models from Reiver as the bulk of my forces as their range is absolutely amazing, even getting the figures in my hands I was really impressed by the sculpting, but size wise they are just way too small, even with green stuff underneath the model to try and give him a little more height. The Musketeer figure next to it is also a tad small, but in mixed units the result isn't that bad you would notice it, so I don't mind.
     What do other people think?

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