Thursday 12 June 2014

Club night game

      After running into Alan at Broadside on Sunday and having a chat about our experiences with Saga, mostly being turned into pin cushions by our local Welsh player, we both agreed to have a Viking on Viking game so we could both give our berserker's a try. Here is how it went:

     As we are both still learning how to play (as shown by how often the rulebook will make a starring role in the pictures), we both decided to use exactly the same forces. Warlord, a combined unit of 8 huscarls, a unit of warriors and a unit of berserker's.
     I set up with my warriors in the centre, with my berserker's on their right pointed at his warriors, and my warlord and huscarls on the left aiming at their mirror unit. Alan set up with his line based around his huscarls, berserker's reinforcing his huscarls and his warriors just trying to draw attention, a job they did remarkably well.
Gripping beast saga game

Gripping beast saga game

The first combat of the game was Alan's berserker's charging my huscarls, but a mix of having fatigued themselves double moving and charging a unit with high armour and good attacks meant his men bounced off my shield wall losing a man to my untouched unit.
Gripping beast saga game

On my turn I took the initiative and charged my huscarls and warlord into their mirror, losing 4 men to his 5 loses. Then using my battle board ability, Thor, I made us fight out a second round of combat straight away, with both of us losing another man each.
Gripping beast saga game

After an amazingly unsuccessful charge by my berserker's into his warriors, with both of us losing 3 men and me running away, I spent the rest of the game hiding my last berserker so I could keep his Saga dice coming in.
Gripping beast saga game

 Although I forgot to get a photo of the end of the game, this last photo pretty much shows you how it ended. The last few remnants of our units wiped each other out, mostly as we just started throwing everything at each other's warlords. The game ended with a victory to Alan, I had my warlord left compared to his Warlord and a single berserker.

Gripping beast saga game

The biggest lessons I learned from this game;
  1. I still need to get my archers painted up.
  2. I'm not use berserker's are worth fielding, at least in small games like this.
  3. I need to focus on a single unit at a time and not spread attacks around too much.
  4. Get better photos.
Until next time, thanks for reading this.

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