Monday, 23 June 2014

South African Grey Shirts

     The guys in the photo below are my South African grey shirt unit of mercenaries for my vbcw B.U.F. force. For anyone who is unaware of the fascist movement in South Africa before the start of WW2 (including me before I researched it to paint this unit), the grey shirts were the movement with the biggest member base. 
     I see this unit being multi use. They make a great militia or rifle unit for vbcw but I can also use them in any pulp hunting game that takes my fancy. There is a risk my painting desk might end up covered in either dinosaurs or mammoths before the summer is out.

vbcw rifle company darkest africa

     Looking at the picture, now it is up, I think they could do with a little more work but as a unit I am pretty happy with them. I really just need to sort out my photography.

Thanks for reading.


  1. You've got some great looking characters in there, what a great unit.

    1. Thanks Michael. Those mutton chops guys are amazing figures. Really added something to the unit.