Friday, 6 June 2014

What's on the painting desk?

      I was having a think last night on how best to introduce my armies and collections that are already painted and much as I want to just throw everything at this blog and say "here you go", I think it would just be overwhelming. So instead, I plan to show you what is sitting on my painting desk now, then as units get finished I will do a blog on the army it is part of.
      So first up are my Viking/Anglo-Saxon archers for my Saga warbands. Although I bought the Gripping Beast Viking archers I will use them for either warband to start with. All of my games of Saga so far have been small, 4 point games against Welsh warbands, and I have finally learned the 'take some missile troops lesson'.
Saga Viking archers

       Next up is a multiple use unit. So far it is a mix of North Star's British North African Riflemen, their Hunters and Explorers and, still coming in the post, the Sidney Cohen and Geor from Empress Mutton Chops range to make it a nice 10 man unit. I plan to use them in two different games, firstly, dinosaur/prehistoric hunting games and, secondly, as a mercenary unit for BUF faction in a VBCW. I'll do the full unit background as soon as they are painted and introduce them properly.

VBCW, Dinosaur hunting, North star

      Last are a couple of models that aren't part of a planned army. I bought these Killa Kans with my brother as part of a modelling/painting project. These we just models we had talked about plans for, for ages and we figured now was the time to go for it. I plan to practise weathering powders on them. Lets see how that goes. . .
warhammer 40k ork killa kanz

       Now to get on with some painting.


  1. Hi Mike, thank you for following 28mm Victorian Warfare and love the look of your own blog - I'm afraid I share your magpie tendencies towards the hobby! See if you can find the followers gadget so we can all keep up to date with your progress. It can be a little tricky to find, but if you head into layout, add a gadget but then look under the 'more gadgets' page you should find it at the bottom of the page. All the best, Michael.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I have just added it, thanks for the advice. I have spent a lot of time on your blog in the last few weeks and there is a definite risk that a few of your dinosaur hunting game ideas will end up on my painting desk in some form or another. There is nothing wrong with being a magpie as long as projects do eventually get finished, although it has to be said, after doing a post about the three things on my painting desk, my next painting post will be showing a unit that turned up in the post Saturday and are very nearly finished, just waiting on more bases to finish them off.

    1. Hi Mike, thrilled that you found something of use. Can't seem to be able to see the followers button though - it's probably me.

    2. I don't think its you. Try again now, see if I have got it this time?

    3. Success! You've added the Google + badge, but there not everyone has a Google+ account so you may need to use the other one as well.

    4. Result! Ha ha. Blogging seemed so much simpler this time yesterday.
      I haven't quite perfected this yet.

      Thanks for your help though, very much appreciated.